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Videos about the Bio-Cleanse Ionic Technology and other supporting videos

Nahaia Russ N.D explains the Bio Cleanse and General information on Ionic Therapy

Information, Health Benefits and Water Discolouration explained on Bio Cleanse Ionic Detox Footbath Technology, with Nahaia Russ N.D Naturopath and health clinic Natural Health & Detox.

About Toxins the silent killer

Dr. Klinghardt Discusses the IonCleanse

Water Researcher Alvin Crosby talks on water
Alvin Crosby is one of New Zealands’ best Water Expert and Scientist – Part One-short version

Nahaia Russ N.D Naturopath invites Alvin Crosby Water Expert & Scientist to talk about ionisation and the benefits this has on our body! Find out how does the Bio Cleanse Ionised Foot Bath with Rife frequencies work on our cellular function and improve the overall health of our cells and toxicity!

Water Researcher Alvin Crosby talks on water –

Nahaia Russ N.D Naturopath invites Alvin Crosby to talk about water including the chemistry and pharmacology of water in the human body. Alvin explains the therapeutic properties of energised and ionised water and how it can be beneficial to your health!

Part two- Alvin Crosby talks about ionisation and the bio cleanse, frequencies and general hydration comments.

Part three- Alvin Crosby on Clustered water

Nahaia Russ N.D invites Alvin Crosby to talk about water. Hear about how clustered and energised water is beneficial to our bodies for hydration including skin benefits.

Ken Cook: Video on toxins in the blood. Planning to get pregnant? Detoxify first.

Want to know where toxicity comes from? Heavy metals and pesticides are passed on in Natal Environment before birth! Watch this video for scientific proof from the Environmental Working Group. If you detoxify your body, at least 6 months before conceiving, your baby will be have the best start in life with a healthy immune and nervous system.

Watch this Video Documentary about the Schumann Resonance