Written Testimonials from Bio-Cleanse Technologies users

2nd April 2019

“I first heard about the BioPulse Detox Foot Spa by word of mouth and commenced  treatments on the 8th of September 2018, as a sceptic to be honest, as I had already tried most therapies in the past with no improvements.

I remember arriving at  BioDetox Whangarei and struggled to make it from my car into the clinic. I had suffered many years of ill health including insomnia, depression, adrenal fatigue, chest and sinus infections and diagnosed with emphysema 15 years ago.

My walking distance on the flat was 100mtrs maximum with 4-5 stops along the way. With only 2 hours per sleep a night I suffered from anxiety and depression. I felt I was losing control over my life and began to lose faith in myself as I could no longer complete everyday tasks.

Within a few weeks of having two foot spas per week,  I first noticed that my breathing became easier and thereafter my sleep patterns began to change from 2 to 6 hours per night. I had not changed any other aspect of my daily life.

As I began to feel better I felt a significant change in my mindset, focus and concentration. I began to slowly rebuild my life and was able to work on small engines, complete a day in the garden, spend 8 hours fishing and work on home renovations. I no longer require a preventative asthma inhaler and have not suffered any serious chest or sinus infections since having the foot spas.

I have been attending a Pulmonary Rehab Centre for some time now and originally my oxygen saturation levels were 92-94 mm Hg however are now 96-98 mm Hg a significant improvement as documented.

I am now rebuilding my life and feel I can now contribute to my family and feel more confident to take back control of my own health.”

Neal McAllister, Whangarei

I just want to share with you my wonderful experience with the bio cleanse.  I have been using it now for the last  3 months.  I wanted to try it mainly because i was feeling very lethargic & was suffering from frequent headaches, struggling to have a good night sleep and overall I was just not feeling well at all. I did not know what to do anymore and it seemed like my body just did not want to react to any supplements anymore.
With using the Bio Cleanse I noticed almost immediately that my body started shedding water and after a month I almost had no sign of swollen ankles.  I also noticed that I have not had a headache in nearly three months and I am once again enjoying wonderful deep sleep. My whole body does not feel bloated anymore.
I had a wonderful detox of the liver over the last three months with the bio cleanse and my mood and energy levels have lifted dramatically.  I will definitely recommend this to anyone and I am very grateful for discovering the Bio Cleanse.  It made a real difference to my daily life and I will definitely do it once a year from now on.
Thank you so much!

Karen, Auckland

When I first began the treatments; my energy level was low, my skin tone was poor and I suffered daily with Rheumatoid Arthritis. After the first few treatments, my energy level picked up noticeably. By the beginning of the second cycle I was receiving comments on my skin tone. With continued treatments my skin has improved all over my body, giving a smoother appearance, even tone and diminished lines. As I continue to use it, I’m aware of diminished joint pain, improved sleep, increased energy on a lasting basis, and overall a truer sense of well-being. I enjoy the youthful appearance of my skin and the clean feeling of being detoxified. Now I look forward to each treatment with enthusiasm, and never want to go without one! Bio-Cleanse Technologies has truly changed my health and approach to life.

Elysia, Auckland

I have had eight treatments with the Bio-Cleanse Technologies footbath unit. On Friday I mowed for six hours and groomed a very dirty, small pony — with NO allergy symptoms. It was quite a change to have a clear head, clear sinuses, no drainage, no swelling, no itchy eyes the next morning. It is most remarkable because I had absolutely no symptoms! Not a single sneaky sneeze. My energy level is way up and I’m very, very pleased with what is happening.

Lola, Auckland

Had a very good report from my fibro-myalgia patient. She has completed 15 treatments… her blood work shows dramatic improvement and she is sleeping through the night. There is still significant liver impairment…but we hope that will look better at the next test. It is incredible that we have been able to accomplish as much as we have with just 15 treatments. She has been sick for 30 years and is finally getting better instead of deteriorating.

Practitioner, Auckland

I’ve been very, very pleased with the treatments. I had immediate results which were noticeable over the next 17 treatments. I kept at it because I had more energy and I never dreamed they would continue to improve my overall health!

John, Auckland

I have received the Bio-Cleanse Personal unit, it works great, Thank you. I want you to know that I’ve had five cleanses in all, my energy level is higher than it has been for a long time. My Fybromyalgia, diabetes, vision, and overall body function has improved. I am excited about what wellness the next few treatments will bring. Sincerely Happy Customer.