Demonstration available to practitioners or home users of Biopulse in Auckland & other areas

Please enquire

$NZ50-$90 depends on location.

Trial Session first

If you are considering to Hire or Purchase a Machine, come and have a trial Biopulse Session at Natural Health & Detox clinic in Mairangi Bay, Auckland. (Biopulse Head Office) If you decide in the session you do not want to hire or purchase one immediately, the cost will be $50. If you hire or purchase we will waive the cost of the session on the day. (We can offer a maximum of 3 ‘test’ sessions) Natural Health & Detox does not offer concessions for Biopulse treatments in 10 or 20 sessions, however we are happy to refer you to your nearest practitioner.

Concessions of 10 or 20 Biopulse treatments are available from a Practitioner or Beauty Therapist near you, contact us with any questions or – see Practitioners List to choose a clinic near you.

CASUAL RATE PER SESSION $NZ50 Maximum 3 sessions,
refund one session if
you want to hire or purchase.

Recommended RRP for Bio Cleanse sessions are $50 session.

  • Concessions of 10 $NZ350
  • Concessions of 20 $NZ600
  • Contact your nearest clinic for any further specials or bonus sessions they are offering.


You will get a 25% rental rebate towards the purchase price to buy, if you choose to buy within 3 months of renting. There is a 3 month minimum term, unless we have a machine available month to month.

Rental Application Form

Agreement to Lease Equipment – Professional Model OR
Agreement to Lease Equipment – Personal Model














      • Strong Canvas Carry case
      • Power pack – adaptor
      • 1 x water module for Personal unit,
      • or 2 x water modules for Professional USA unit
      • Basin
      • Bio-degradable liners
      • Bottle of Himalayan salt solei
      • Manual
      • 2 x fuse