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Nahaia Russ N.D, P.T, Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist since 1997.

Consultations are by appointment only. Consultations may be in person, or can be arranged by skype or phone.

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10 minute FREE consultation   Those who are interested in booking in a consultation and want to chat first.

Please note in booking; BIOPULSE



60 minutes: $90       First appointment – Acute health condition, Prevention, treatment health consultation, child or adult

90 minutes: $130     First appointment – Chronic health condition, Full health analysis including nutrition and zinc taste test.

120 minutes: $150   First appointment – Chronic Health condition, Full health analysis including iridology and zinc taste test, nutrition and education


What do you want for your health? We look for the underlying causes of ill health within the consultation and relevant tests, therefore providing you with a comprehensive health plan to work with immediate improvements. We will focus on any underlying toxicity as the cause of ill health, proving that with a Provocation Urine Test, or Hair Test, for Toxic Elements in your blood and deep tissues.

We believe that the best health insurance is to check your Toxic Elements status, and know what you are carrying in Heavy Metals and chemicals. This way you can plan to remove them when it suits you.

IF you leave any toxicity in your body for a lengh of time, eventually it may catch up with you, to cause ill-health and sometimes auto-immune conditions that are irreversible once set in. Toxins are damaging to the DNA and Cellular Function, leaving your body with a high load of stress. When you start to remove the toxins, safely and effectively you will FEEL the difference, and see the difference in your physical being. Knowing that you are essentially low in Toxicity is a wonderful feeling. The next step from there, is maintaining good health with careful choices within your environment and food. By using a BioPulse Ionic Foot Spa regularly also provides a wonderful way to keep your maintenance up for a cleaner and energised YOU.

We create your Wellness Program over a 3 month to 1 year plan, also providing continued service to you over the years to come as a valued patient.

Mini Consultation includes a mini health appraisal and treatment of the immediate problem with herbal products, homeopathy or specific nutritional products according to your individual requirement. We may recommend any appropriate tests to follow through with.

In Full Consultation we:

  • look at a Comprehensive Health Analysis and use any of the suitable forms for information
  • discuss your history, current symptoms, nutrition, stress, life style and emotional aspects
  • use Iridology, tongue & nail diagnosis, zinc taste test for part of the assessment (if in clinic)
  • may test your blood Pressure and pulse (if in clinic)
  • give you a detailed analysis of your health condition and options for treatment, including working alongside your general practitioner
  • understand that you may want to reduce any medications, we refer you to make contact with your doctor to advice that you are working with natural therapies. If suitable your doctor may give you the correct dose for reducing your intake and suitable steps to cut down gradually as you are monitored.i.e sleeping pills, blood pressure, anti-depressant medications.
  • plan a 3 step back-to-heath plan which usually requires minimum 2 follow up sessions, one each month.
  • may recommend certain tests

 Diagnostic Testing: (see tests for full overview)

Toxic Element Urine Test for Heavy Metal Exposure

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis for Gut function, Bowel Health

Liver function Test, Adrenal / Cortisol (stress hormone) Test (saliva), Specialised Hormone Testing (Saliva)

Med Lab Blood Tests (Blood/General)