Nahaia Russ N.D Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist since 1997
Managing Director of Bio Cleanse NZ Ltd,

Natural Health & Detox Professional Health Clinic and NAHAIA Active Organics. 

Welcome to Biopulse

BioPulse Ionic Foot Spa is our brand name for our Exclusive Distribution in NZ, Australia, UK and South Pacific Islands.

We manufacture in NZ & USA our unique ionic foot spa machines. Our machines come with 24 Volts and a Medical Grade Power Pack, unlike all the China made machines that are very cheap due to incorrect power packs and cheaper parts that make the unit insufficient in health results.

We do not use any China Made Machine or parts. No other competitor can say this. Our philosophy is to offer quality and results, to therapeutically charge the cell via membrane and ionic exchange, with the correct voltage of 24volts and the additional benefits of frequency.

Unique to our BioPulse Technology, machines come with Rife and Schumann Frequency with 7 different settings which include at least 30 different Rife settings, plus a straight Schumann setting 7.8 Mhz for a relaxing and rejuvenating cleansing and re-charging session.

BioPulse USA machine is a 2 person dual machine, so it enables 2 people to do a foot bath at the same time. NZ Personal Unit is for 1 person at a time.

We sell and lease Biopulse Technology Foot Spas to Natural Health Practitioners, Beauty Therapists, Integrative Medical Doctors and Home Users. We have many clients who have purchased machines for their family to use and enjoy the benefits.

We focus on supporting business with their BioPulse Detox and Rejuvenation to customers, as Nahaia Russ N.D Naturopath and Medical Herbalist has been involved with this technology since 2004.

We are currently the only Ionic Foot Bath with Rife Frequencies and Schumann Frequency available which happened after 3 years of research by our USA partners and manufacturers in 2012 to launch the newer version digital machine with rife frequencies never seen before or now.  Our purpose is to get you the results, and our difference and quality is our assurance! Only settle for the BEST!

Our 5 year warranty gives upmost assurance in our machines to be the best you can find in ionic foot spa machines.

Nahaia’s personal experience with Bio-Cleanse

Hello there. I am Dr. Nahaia Russ. You probably know by now that I am a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. I have been a holder of the Diploma in Advanced Natural Therapeutics (ND) since 1997, which I obtained from South Pacific College in Auckland, New Zealand. I have also lectured on nutrition and detoxification pathways at Wellpark Naturopathic College, and have been supervising detox with hundreds patients to date since 2004.

My 4-year diploma course was comprised of Herbal Medicine, Pathology and Differential Diagnosis, Anatomy and Physiology (nursing standards), Nutrition, Detox Therapies, Fasting Protocols, and Body Work  to name a few.  All these subjects dovetailed with each other and gave me a comprehensive understanding of how chemical toxins poison us in all aspects of our being: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Did you know that toxicity is the single worst thing you can carry around in your physical being? Systemic toxicity slowly deteriorates your health, and may show up later on as autoimmune conditions or chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer. This is what we suspect, due to toxins being immunosuppressive and neurotoxic by nature. The number one marker for chronic fatigue is chemical toxicity as main cause for most sufferers.

I became interested in Detox Therapies around 2000 when I experienced fatigue that seemed to come from nowhere after having my first baby. Previously I had been very fit, having been an aerobics instructor and personal trainer for 12 years. I learned that when there is trauma the body will not have such a capacity for holding heavy metals.  There is a reaction to this, one that can be described as the body suddenly not being able to coping with the level of toxicity it has held for so many years.

After testing my own heavy metal status, I was surprised to find a very high load of mercury and lead. Then I realised that many, if not most of us, have been heavily exposed to heavy metals starting from our conception in our mother’s womb.

The fact is that most toxicity does come from natal sources, through foetal development and early breast feeding if the mum has a high level of heavy metals. This heavy metal toxicity is passed on through the blood barrier and breast feeding, which stirs up all the toxicity in the body to be passed into the breast milk (see our video on this). The umbilical cord has also been tested to contain at least 300 toxins, some of them being ubiquitous endocrine disruptors such as Bisphenol A (BPA). So you can just imagine how toxic a newborn could be, what with all these poisons transferred to him through his mum’s placenta.

We do believe in breast feeding, so it is our number one suggestion to detox first before pregnancy planning 6 months prior, as this is definitely the best way forward for mum and baby to have a healthy start in life.

Through a heavy metal detox program that included IV chelation, I managed to get my levels down by half in one year! The second year, I did solely BioPulse (Bio Cleanse) every second day and found that this not only improved my whole well-being and energy. It also lowered my heavy metal levels to almost zero! This is why we emphasise with our clients that the body has zero tolerance with heavy metals and all toxicity in general, and that our device can bring down toxicity levels to almost none.

Needless to say the toxins are better out than in.  Now here’s the problem: it is very easy for these chemical poisons to get into our system, but are pretty difficult to get out.  With the extra help with the amazing foot spa technology, you not only feel better but look better with increased vitality due to a marked reduction in overall toxic burden. These are the discernible benefits, as we are able to measure cellular age with our diagnostic machine, and have seen it to be lower after a n